Placental Tissue Matrix Treatment

Placental Tissue Matrix Treatment


Damaged connective tissue commonly leads to lower extremity injuries. These injuries can result in inflammation, reduced mobility, and chronic pain. Conservative treatment may include orthotics, offloading the injury, physical therapy, and/or NSAIDs. If conservative treatment fails, surgical intervention may be required. Even after successful surgery, these procedures often result in reduced joint mobility and tendon or ligament strength. A novel flowable tissue matrix allograft, derived from human placental connective tissue, has recently been made available for minimally invasive treatment of damaged or inadequate tissue healing. Based on the universal role of connective tissue in the body, and its reported antimicrobial, anti-adhesive, and anti-inflammatory properties, pilot studies were completed and the effects of using this placental tissue matrix in the treatment of lower extremity injuries was found to be efficacious. Expansion of these results to spine and upper extremities is being supported through similar results.

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