Physician Owned Lab Services – Toxicology & Blood Panels

Physician Owned Lab Services - Toxicology & Blood Panels -2

The physician owned lab (POL) is structured with 60% ownership by the managing lab, and 40% ownership by the physician partner(s). The physician investors make a small investment as required by law to secure their shares. Physician partners share in the distribution of profits according to their ownership interest. With this lab model the physician dividend distribution payouts are based upon the number of shares owned by the physician.  1 share buy in is only $2,000, as a one time fee, and 1 share will payout approximately $250,000 annually or $20,000 per month in a monthly dividend.  Some physicians will be offered multiple shares. The lab only accepts commercial insurance & work comp patient lab samples.  The medicare/medicaid lab samples are processed at a different lab that is not physician owned or have any co-ownership with the physician owned lab. This business model is excellent for Orthopedic, Family practice, Cardio, Endocrinologists, Pain, OBGYN, Internal medicine and Wellness clinics. This is dependent upon your state’s laws. Please inquire about this program and we will support you in its development.

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