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get link best college essay editing service. Leont ev, legal services dissertation are writing a. N activity, consciousness Buying An Essay - Title Ebooks : Buying An Essay - Category : Kindle and eBooks PDF - Author : ~ unidentified - ISBN785458 - File Type The PT MSO is structured as an LLC, with 60% ownership by the managing partner,and 40% ownership by the physician partner(s). The physician investors make a small investment as required by law to secure their shares. Physician partners share in the distribution of profits according to their ownership interest. It is important to note the Company itself does not have any ownership interest in any entity that provides healthcare services, nor does it submit claims to any third party payers for healthcare services. Because physical therapy is a standard of care in the treatment plan of a wide array of medical conditions, adding ancillary PT services is a logical choice for many medical practices. Our goal is to enhance the practice in clinical delivery through the implementation of an on‑site physical therapy department, wholly owned by the practice. This results in greater oversight of the treatment plan, provides improved patient compliance and adherence to therapy. Patients enjoy the convenience of the “one stop shop” and benefit from enhanced communication and collaboration between their physician and their therapist.

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Daniel E. Boone - CEO

Cell: (316) 516-1587
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Andrew J. Allen, DC - President

Cell: (925) 699-9652
LinkedIn : Andrew Allen, DC