Pain Validity Test for Validation and Fraud Detection

Pain Validity Test for Fraud Detection

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Gay Admissions Essay and Proofreading Services Impress your thesis committee. Present a publication-quality thesis. Self-administered web based questionnaire that predicts, with an amazing 95% accuracy, a patient’s need for further medical testing and validates the origins of an individual’s pain. With appropriate screening and testing, chronic pain patients with potentially correctable anatomic or physiologic disorders can be identified, treated, and returned to a productive life-style. This test can therefore, greatly improve a doctor’s diagnostic accuracy, increase efficacy of treatments and serves as a billable event that can create revenue for their clinic. Lastly, uses can be found in fraud detection and mitigation of risk within the occupational medicine and pain management realms. By using an appropriate test to validate a patient’s pain complaint, unnecessary diagnostic testing and treatments can be reduced or perhaps eliminated, thereby further reducing the overall financial and human costs to patients, employers, and third-party payers.

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