Medical Billing & A/R Recovery

Medical Billing & A_R Recovery

Within our services we have a company who specialize in medical billing, A/R recovery, credentialing & coding services in order to maximize a practice’s profits. As physicians you work extremely hard providing the very best care for your patients, your time should not be spent trying to ensure timely and accurate billing and collections. Our billing and collections company provides a complete suite of services focused on helping medical practitioners improve their net profits and cash flows. When deciding how to conduct billing operations, you really have two options.  You can create your own billing staff to facilitate all billing functions, or you can outsource your billing and revenue cycle management to a billing service. Whether you’re looking to perform all billing functions in-house, or outsource your billing, this company has services that fit your needs.  They can design billing procedures and protocols for your practice as well as help you find the perfect billing employee(s). They can help you find the right billing software, work with your staff to implement these billing protocols, and set your fees. They can also help you find an electronic health record that best suits your specialty and your clinical needs.

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