Anatomic Pathology Testing – TC/PC

Anatomic Pathology Testing

With increasing demand for both primary care and specialty care physicians, it is become increasingly important for primary care physicians to maximize the screening of patients and decrease the dependence on specialists. There are a number of tests that can be ordered in the primary care setting that will allow the physician to evaluate their patient prior to referring out for a specialist’s care. These tests will allow the primary care physician, such as the Family Practitioner or an OB/GYN to become the gate-keeper for all care. This expanded process improves quality of care, provides a more timely diagnosis for the patient and allows the clinic to participate in the lab based revenue. The business model for tech-only pathology services has the TC (technical component) performed by the lab, which completes the slide preparation. Then, the analysis of the slide or the PC (professional component) is completed by an in-house pathologist who is salaried by the clinic. The lab would bill the TC portion of the process while the clinic or physicians group can bill for the PC in a fully compliant fashion.

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