Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

Allergy and Immunotherapy

follow site Evaluation of your practice will determine if immunotherapy is the right fit for your patient demographic. You will be provided with a startup kit, which includes all of the necessary materials for establishing a successful program. A fully trained and certified Medical Assistant who oversees the proper implementation of the immunotherapy process will be supplied to your office at no expense to your business. Space is required within your clinic for the installation of these services. Space in the form of a dedicated room measuring approximately 120 sq. ft. will be required. A team of off-site billing experts will handle the allergy and immunotherapy program claims for your practice in order to ensure proper and maximized payment. Your facility will receive all gross revenues directly from your payers. As the treating physician, you simply need to determine which of your patients could benefit from this state of-the-art diagnosis and treatment program.

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